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Spring 2020

AFT Faculty Guild - Local 1521

Welcome New
& Returning Faculty to the Spring 2020 Semester!



This is your AFT Faculty Guild West Los Angeles College webpage. It provides you with relevant information and documents regarding union issues district wide and at WEST.

You will find on this webpage the agendas and the approved minutes of our Chapter Guild meetings. This is a very useful resource for faculty members who can not attend our meetings but are interested in being well informed about union matters.

Please feel free to contact us, your union representatives, when you have a question or concern related to our Agreement and/or working conditions. 
You will find our Collective Bargining Agreement ( CBA) and other union district wide documents, at the Guild's website at


AFT Team Members

Your AFT/WLAC chapter team members welcome all new and returning faculty to this Spring 2020 semester.
This is our contact information. Feel free to contact us whenever you have any concerns regarding the Agreement or working conditions. The best way to reach us is via email stating your concerns or to make an appointment in person. If you prefer, you may also contact us via telephone. In this case, leave us a phone number and a time when is best for us to call you back.
  Title Email Phone
Olga Shewfelt President 310-287-4223
Tim Russell Grievance Rep.  310-287-4301
Matthew Robertson Work Environment Committee , Chair 310-287-4226
Kenneth Taira

 Co-Chair AFIC &

E-Board Member 213-434-3134
Grace Chee  E-Board Member 310-770-7391
 Michelle Funderburk E-Board Member 310-287-4436
Richard Olivas College Council, Rep



Buck Stapleton

Guild Rep.

Enrollment Management Committee, Rep 310-287-4221
Kevin Considine Co-chair Facilities Committee 310-287-4572
Vidya Swaminathan Budget Committee Rep. 310-287-4214
Mark Rose E-Board Alternative & AFIC Rep.  
Faz  Elahi WEC Rep.  

Useful Links

AFT Faculty Guild Headquarters at Barham

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In the Event of Emergency




Collective Bargining Agreement

(CBA) 2017-2020

AFT 1521 Scholarships 

 AFT Faculty/District Negotations Schedule 

Guild 2020 Elections 

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