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Dental Hygiene Program Pre-Requisites


It is highly recommended for the prerequisites listed below to be completed before applying.  One course is allowed to be in progress during the Spring semester prior to the start of the program.  Final transcripts from Spring in-progress courses must be submitted by August 1st.  

The prerequisites are as follows:

All IGETC General Education Plan Courses             OR               CSU General Education Plan Courses



The course plan must include the following dental hygiene pre-requisite courses:

Anatomy 1

Psychology 1

Cultural Anthropology 102

Sociology 1

English 103 (Critical Thinking)

Microbiology 20

Statistics (Math 227 or equivalent)

Physiology 1

Political Science 1

Chemistry 51 or 60

Communication Studies 101 (Public Speaking)

  • Science prerequisites must be taken within 7 years of applying to the program.
  • Science prerequisites must include a lab component
  • All course work must be passed with a letter grade of “C” or better.
  • All GE coursework must have been completed at a post-secondary  regionally accredited institution.