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CSIT Divisional Announcements. 



Here are the following opporutnities:

Paid Internship at USC.

Technology Literacy

Mentorship Program at Caltech


Paid Internship At USC:

Base 11 is happy to announce the beginning of the Aerospace & Mechanical Engineering Research for STEM Students summer program recruitment period.

The program calls for 4 students to participate in research relating to the Dryden Wind Tunnel at the University of Southern California. 

The activities and opportunities planned are as follows:

·      Student groups will collaborate with mentors to define and develop a project

·      Student groups will carry out the work over a 10 week period in the summer, mid-June to late August

·      At the conclusion of the program, they

o   construct and submit a research proposal

o   give an oral presentation in the department modeled on professional technical meetings

o   master basic experimental techniques

o   experience how research interfaces with the external world (government, commerce)

·      Participating students receive a $6,000 stipend for the ten-week period

To Begin have faculty members/instructors nominate students; have the student fill out the Student Application Form and submit an unofficial transcript.  All items (application package) need to be submitted together and returned to the partner school’s Base 11 representative.

Application packages must be submitted to Base 11 no later than December 30, 2015. Students accepted into the program will be notified by Monday, January 14, 2016.

Any questions should be directed to

Student Application Form is available at: USC-Mentorship-Student-Application.docx

Join The Technology Literacy Cooperative:

Sponsored by the Inglewood Public Library,

South Bay Inglewood One-Stop Center, &

West Los Angeles College


Experience help desk functions working with an individual or a small group teaching basic technology skills


Help/Show/Demonstrate/Answer questions about:

Computers—smart phones—tablets—searching the web—completing online forms—basics of Word, Excel, Powerpoint, email, social networking—android and iOS environments


Reasons you should do this:

§  it is short–term---January to April, 4 hours per week, MTW mornings and late afternoons and Saturdays

§  days and hours are flexible

§  resume builder—employers & universities like to see community involvement

§  opportunity to experience help desk functions while still a student

§  explaining what you know strengthens your knowledge

§  enhances your people skills

§  CS 185 & CS 285 (total = 3 units) Directed Study credit


The world is going on line—this is an opportunity for you to help community members gain skills and confidence with technology and the online world.


Application for the Technology Literacy Collaborative



(1) Please complete this form, (2) give it to your current Computer Science instructor, and (3) ask him/her to recommend you and forward the completed form to Mark Pracher, dean of Sponsored Programs by Wednesday, December 9, 2015.  When you are accepted, there will be additional processing required by the City of Inglewood.






Phone Number for voice and text messages


Email address you check often



Please list the Computer Science courses you have completed:


Course, grade, semester

Course, grade, semester












Please check (ü) the days and times you would be available for the Technology Literacy Collaborative.  We’re looking for 10 to 15 students, each volunteering 4 hours per week from January through April.



8am to 11:30am

4pm to 7:30pm


8am to 11:30am

4pm to 7:30pm


8am to 11:30am

4pm to 7:30pm


10am to 1:30pm



Faculty recommendation and signature:





Participating students will enroll in CS 185 in winter and CS 285 in spring for unit credit.  Students will keep a journal describing their (1) experiences and (2) observations on helping/problem solving with actual clients.


When accepted, there will be some additional paperwork including a Live Scan background check paid by the City of Inglewood.

Mentorship Program At Caltech:

Here is some information about a monthly aerospace mentorship program at Cal Tech that our students are eligible to apply for.  This is sponsored by the Base 11 folks.  Also attached are two files, one is the student application form and the other is the faculty recommendation form.  As usual time is a little short. I think this will start in January.  I'm hoping there is some way that you might be able to make this known to students.  If I could get the applications/students from interested students by December 2 it would be helpful.


Program Description

Eight to ten student participants will visit the Graduate Aerospace Laboratories at Caltech (GALCIT) one day a month as a group.  Opportunities will be provided for:

  • One-on-one mentorship from the Aerospace Graduate Student STEM Fellows
  • Attending research conferences and lectures
  • Exposure to current research projects in Aerospace
  • Learning about the experimental environment, how problems are identified and projects defined to achieve a better understanding and work towards solutions
  • Laboratory tours of specialized research facilities such as the hypersonic shock tube, the wind tunnel and space structures laboratory
  • Interaction with current graduate students in Aerospace


Typical Agenda for Monthly Aerospace Mentorship Program at Caltech

            Goal is to provide undergraduate STEM students with experience and exposure

            to graduate education and the research environment.






Arrive at Caltech

Informal gathering with STEM students and Mentors


Research Conference

GALCIT grad student Presenters describe their current research projects, including how they identify a problem, designing an experiment, what are some of the specialized instruments and facilities used to achieve results.


Lab Tours

The grad student Presenters give a tour of their labs and experimental facilities.



Grad Students

Opportunity to meet with GALCIT First year students to learn more about what to expect from graduate school.



Grad student mentors join the STEM Students for lunch


Special Topics

Mentor explores a fundamental concept of mathematics, physics, or mechanics that is important to aerospace research



Time for one-on-one meetings with grad student mentors


GALCIT Colloquium

Noted Guest Speaker series for Aerospace Faculty and Students, usually a high profile visitor from outside of Caltech with prominence in Industry, Government or Academic Institution.


Closing Reception

Reception with refreshments, opportunity to ask questions of the speaker; interact with other students and faculty attendees.



Application for this opportunity is available at: Caltech-Mentorship-Student-Application.docx