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CO SCI: VMware


West Los Angeles College is an authorized VMware IT Academy 


Please Note:

VMware Training at West is only available to individuals who may be a student in full or part time education, unemployed, career changers or trying to improve their knowledge and are paying for the training themselves. It is not for companies or corporate entities to obtain training for their employees – those individuals must go to a commercial VMware training offering through a VMware authorized training center. To locate a VMware Authorized Training Center near you, visit: 


For additional information about VMware’s vITA program visit: 


The VMWare IT program information is helpful for instructors, students, and training institutions wishing to learn more about the VMware IT Academy. 


The VMware IT Academy Program has been developed to introduce students to VMware  technologies. It enhances students' experiences by providing students access to: 

  • The latest VMware technologies 
  • High quality curriculum 
  • Course paths that lead to certification 
  • Courses that can be integrated into degree programs 
  • Web course access with content that supports the faculty led learning environment 


The VMware IT Academy Program provides faculty with services and tools to support delivering a quality learning experience for students by providing faculty with: 

  • Access to web based courses for use in class preparation and class presentation 
  • Access to a secure web site with course set-up guides and lab files 
  • Authorization to purchase course materials directly from VMware's print vendor. 
  • Authorization to purchase certification vouchers directly from VMware's certification vendor.

West Los Angeles College is a member of VMware Academic Program 


The VMware Academic Program (VAP) provides access to numerous VMware software products for one year to students at no cost. Students get access to VMware software to download on their own computers and use for learning and educational purposes. 

The Course 

West as a VMware IT Academy is currently offering the Install, Configure, and Manage vSphere 5.x course. This course is frequently referred to as ICM V5. See the course data sheet below for detailed course information:



This course is designated as CS987 at West and is offered during the Fall and Spring semester. 


Course Prerequisites 

Before attending this course, students should have: 

  • System administrator experience with Windows Server or Linux 
  • Working knowledge of networking technologies 
  • Intermediate understanding of network operating systems 
  • Basic knowledge of Active Directory (Users, Groups, Permission Inheritance) 
  • An understanding of security concepts and methodologies 
  • Basic knowledge of TCP/IP 
  • Basic knowledge of command line concepts 

At West Los Angeles College students typically meet the above course prerequisites by completing the following courses: 

  • CS934/CS965 – Operating System and Network Essentials 
  • CS972 – Introduction to Cisco Networking Fundamentals 
  • CS982 – Introduction to Microsoft Server Operating Systems (Windows Server 2003/2008)


So, make no mistake this is advanced course. In fact, this is one of the most advanced computer science courses offered at West. You should not consider taking this course without the appropriate background. Of course, there are numerous ways to build that appropriate background, but there are no short-cuts or quick paths to doing it the right way.

Your failure to take the right courses or gain the experience will be immediately apparent in this course. Why? Because there’s an assessment exam at the beginning of the course. Students who fail the assessment exam will not be automatically dropped from the course. If you score less than 70% you may be encouraged to drop this class in order to take the appropriate classes to prepare you.

Course Sequence

CS972 Cisco/ CS973 Virtualization and Cloud Computing Essentials (take concurrently)

CS975 Infrastructure Storage and Management for Computer Networks/ CS982 Server (take concurrently)

CS976 VSphere Install, Configure and Management

CS977 Implementing Virtual Desktop Infrastructure


Course Format 

The VMware courses at West are offered in a Hybrid format. There are weekly lectures and weekly labs students are expected to complete online. The ICM 5.x labs are delivered using NetLAB technology.

Each student is assigned his or her own dedicated network pod to use throughout the semester. The network pod topology can be viewed at the following link: 


Students are expected to complete 18 difference labs throughout the course: 

Why VMware Training

The goal is to help student prepare for the VCP5 certification and compete for high in-demand jobs related to supporting virtualization technology. In fact, the VCP5 certification is one the most in-demand industry certifications. A recent study determined the VCP5 is one of the top 12 industry certification:

Learn More 

To learn more about VMware education and its many benefits visit: 


To learn more about some of the VMware (vSphere) topics covered in the course, visit: 


Contact Assistant Professor Marcus E. Butler for additional information at: