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CS952:Introduction to Web Technologies and Design

Enter to Win!2015-2016 cs952 Website Design Competition Winners Announced!

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About CS952:

In CS952, Introduction to Web Technologies and Web Design, students learn web design first-hand by designing, building and publishing their own personal website. Students will use Adobe Dreamweaver CC, the industry-standard software for website development and maintenance, along with Bootstrap 3, the leading framework for web development.. This class emphasizes Responsive Website Design.

New for Fall 2016: Special 12-Week Session! September 29 - December 15, Section #8522

Spring 2016 Semester - Hybrid CourseFor the fall 2016 semester, CS952 will be offered in a special online / lab session hybrid format. The new section number is 8522. The classroom lectures will be available online at YouTube, in a comprehensive series of more than 80 videos. Students can watch the videos and read free online pdfs, and view other sources in etudes to study at their own pace.

On Thursday evenings, starting September 29, and concluding on December 15, an optional three-hour lab session will be held in CE103, from 6:45 pm to 10:00 pm, with the instructor, Wayne Joness. This format enables students to learn at their own pace while still receiving the personal attention that makes in classroom learning so productive.

What is Adobe Dreamweaver CC?

Adobe Dreamweaver CCAdobe Dreamweaver has stood the test of time as the premier, unchallenged Integrated Development Environment for website design. An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) means that all the tools you to design, develop, and publish your website are contained in one program. While Dreamweaver has been the choice of professional web developers for years, the program is also a great for students to learn how to build websites. This is because the built-in tools enable to beginners to great websites without the need to learn all ins and outs of web code.

For the fall 2016 semester, West Los Angeles College will be including the incredibly popular Bootstrap 3 web development framework as a part of CS952. The latest release of Dreamweaver CC seamlessly integrates the powerful features of Bootstrap 3 into the Dreamweaver environment. Students will be able to produce stunning, responsive, industry standard websites with a speed and ease not possible without Adobe Dreamweaver CC.

What is Bootstrap 3?

Adobe Dreamweaver CCBootstrap is the world's most popular HTML, CSS and JS (JavaScript) famework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web. What is a framework? In this case, we are referring to a proven collection of easy-to-use web technologies designed to work well together. Bootstrap gives you all the elements you need to create a modern website.

Where does Dreamweaver CC come in? The latest version of Dreamweaver seamlessly integrates Bootstrap. Dreamweaver will add all the Bootstrap components you need when you start your project, and the new interface makes it easy to drop into components such as image carousels, responsive video, and more. And CS952 will take you step-by-step through using Bootstrap with Dreamweaver, plus introduce to many other web technologies.

What is Responsive Website Design?

A responsive website is one that is easy to use and engaging on a smart phone, on a tablet device, or on a traditional desktop computer. Responsive websites are easy-to-use, and look great, on any device. This approach is called "COPE", or "Create Once, Publish Everywhere." As the majority of users now connect to the internet with a smart phone, Responsive Website Design has become one of the most in-demand job skills in the web industry, and CS952 is the class that will teach you about Responsive Website Design.

CS952, the class to begin your career as a Web Developer, exclusively available at West Los Angeles College, Culver City

West Los Angeles CollegeCS952 is designed to introduce students to the fundamental concepts of web design, such as learning html5 and css3, the two core technologies of the web. But students also get experience with some of the more advanced tools, like streaming and embedded audio, video, and jQuery. Students who are drawn to working with html5 and css3 can then learn more by taking CS957 (Introduction to Web Development HTML5 & CSS) which focuses on building a deep understanding of fundamental web technologies. If students like the power of jQuery, then CS962 (Web Programming Using JavaScript) trains students in JavaScript, the most popular tool for bringing web pages to life.

West Los Angeles College, Computer Science Division, Web Design and Development Facilities

West Los Angeles College Computer LabThe West Los Angeles College Web Support and Database Administration program is specifically designed to accommodate the busy schedules of students. The CS952 classroom has computers with the Adobe Dreamweaver software installed and ready for use during classroom hours. In addition, the West Los Angeles College has a separate lab facility featuring computers with Dreamweaver software available for use throughout the week. Please see the schedule of hours for the West Los Angeles College Computer Science computer lab. [LINK].

Web Design and Web Development

About the Instructor, Wayne Joness

CS952 Instructor Wayne JonessThe CS952 instructor, Wayne Joness, works full-time as a web developer at the nation’s leading provider of websites for the automobile dealer industry. He is part of a team of developers that oversees more than 1,000 websites, designing, updating, and launching new websites every week.

Where did Wayne Joness learn his web developer skills? Right here at West Los Angeles College, in Culver City, where he earned an Associate’s Degree in Web Support and Database Administration. The West Los Angeles College Web Support and Database Administration Certificate, or Associates Degree, is specifically designed to give students the skills they need to seek employment in the high-growth industry of Web Design.

Wayne Joness - Read Reviews at Rate My Professor


Optional Textbook Information:

DreamweaverQuestion: What text book is required for this course? How much does it cost? Are there any alternatives to buying the textbook?

There is no required textbook for this class. But for students who want more information, the text book Adobe® Dreamweaver® Creative Cloud is recomended.

ISBN-13: 9781305267220 ISBN-10: 1305267222

Book Info:
WLAC Bookstore: Publisher’s Companion Site:

You can purchase the full book, or combine free pdfs with eChapters.

Alternatives to purchasing the entire textbook:
The publisher has provided free pdfs of five chapters:

The URL above takes you to the Cengage website.

Click on the "Look Inside" arrow under the image of the book.

There you will find links to not-for-sale pdfs of chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6

If you decide to use the free pdf files for use or reference, you are strongly encourage to download the files. The publisher has not made any guarantee as to the availability of these files, and the instructor, or West LA College, cannot provide copyrighted material to students.

Content equivalent to the Introduction Chapter, Chapter 5 and 7 is available in the classroom etudes website, under resources/assignment files.


Software: Adobe Dreamweaver

You do not need to buy Adode Dreamweaver to take this class!

If you decide to purchase the software on your own, there are several options are available for students who want to get Dreamweaver CC for personal use. 

  • Adobe offers a one-time, free, 30-day trial of Dreamweaver.
  • After the 30 days, you can pay $19.99 monthly for Dreamweaver (single application). This plan does not require any long term commitment.
  • Students discount plans are available through College Buys, offering a one-year subscription to all Adobe CC applications (Dreamweaver, Photoshop, etc) for as little as $169.99 ($14.17 per month). The fee for the entire year must be paid upon the initial purchase. These purchases require proof of student status.

Download free trials versions of Adobe software HERE.

Information on Adobe Creative Cloud Pricing Plans HERE.

Information on College Buys HERE.

These options may change at any time. This information is provided as a reference for the student. The student is solely responsible for the terms of any software purchased or licensed.

Here are a few tips for success:

  • Review the Course Syllabus for details about this course.
  • The Adobe Dreamweaver CC will be the primary software programs used for this course. It is available on the computers in the classroom (CE103) and the student lab (CE101)
  • Be sure to check Announcements on a regular basis for current and previous class news and updates.
  • Resources for each chapter including data files for assignments, related videos, links, and presentations can be found in the Resources section.
  • All grades and feedback for assignments will be provided via the Assignments section. Grades can also be seen in the Gradebook.
  • Each week, we will cover important topics. If you miss a week, please use the Textbook and additional Links & Videos in Resources to complete assignments on time. This is a difficult class if you fall behind.
  • Please plan accordingly to allocate time to complete assignments or the final project website.
  • Use the Private Messages feature in Etudes to send a private question or message to the instructor. If you have a more general question that could benefit all students, feel free to post it in the Questions Discussion Forum.

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