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Counselor Appointment


Use the buttons below or come to the Counseling Center or call (310) 287-7242.

NOTE: If you are more than 10 minutes late, your appointment will be considered as no-show. Students can reschedule if an appointment slot is available.

  • Andrea Fredric (Dental Hygiene)
  • Adriana Martinez (International Students)
  • Murrell Green (HBCUs)
  • Tamara Jones-Jamison (Veterans)
  • Sherron Rouzan
  • Marcela Hernandez (AB540)
  • Casey Hunter


  • Cheryl Smiley
  • Ricardo Acosta
  • Sheree Rhaburn
  • Danielle Wilson
  • James Mackey
  • Vicenta Arrizon
  • Kimberly Bordenave
  • Denise Duran
  • Tracey Takeshita
  • Tashume Nweke


  • Eric Wagner
  • Nancy Brambila
  • Janlyn Underwood

Group Counseling Session