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2018 Creativity Conference

Saturday - April 21, 2018

8:30am - 2:00pm

Fine Arts Theatre 100


Creativity Studies



Chacko Sunny PortraitChacko Sonny | 9:50am

is a video game developer currently working as Production Developer for Blizzard Entertainment’s smash hit “Overwatch.” The video game boasts over 35 million players worldwide and was awarded Game of the Year by The Game Awards, D.I.C.E. and the Game Developers Choice Awards. Before joining Blizzard, Sonny worked on several extremely successful titles including “God of War: Ascension” and “Call of Duty.” Sonny’s technological expertise extends into his work at Sony Santa Monica Studio, showcasing the creativity and versatility of the PlayStation platform and his work with Activision-owned Beachhead Studios where he oversaw the building, launching, and support for Call of Duty ELITE online services.


The Creative Economy Panel | 9:05am

Thomas Small

Thomas Small

Culver City Vice Mayor

James Limbaugh

James Limbaugh

West Los Angeles College President

AD Diggs Portrait

AD Diggs

VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop: Hollywood personality and Creator of DiggTheKicks, a sneaker/clothing line.

Len Dickter

Len Dickter

Culver City Cultural Affairs Commission Chairperson, and Creative Director/Co-Founder of A Very Good Agency
Marc Resteghini

Marc Resteghini

Amazon Studios Sr. Development & Programming Executive, TV Drama

Brittany Walker

Brittney Walker

Framestore Business Development Manager


Rick Mayock

Rick Mayock

West Los Angeles College Philosophy Instructor

Other Presenters (in alphabetical order) 

Matt Alonzo PortraitMatt Alonzo | 11:55am

Director and Youtube channel creator, Skee TV





Kevin Coffee PortraitKevin Coffee | 1:20pm

Associate Adjunct Professor Communications Studies, West Los Angeles College; Award winning Toastmasters Public Speaker

Can They Hear You Now?: The Four Pillars of Leadership Communication

A discussion of how leadership is performed through communication. And what we can do to better perform leadership through our communication.


Dillion EismanDillon Eisman | 11:15am

Founder of Sew Swag, a non-profit that upscales clothes from thrift stores and donates them to charity.




Robert Fofrich PotraitRobert Fofrich  |  11:45am

WLAC Alumnus, UC Irvine PhD Student, Conducting research at NASA/Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Lab.

What Community College Can Do For You



Vivan Geffen Portrait

Vivian Geffen  |  10:45am

Adjunct at Santa Barbara City College. Master’s Degree from SUNY Buffalo State’s Creativity Studies Program. Founder of CreativityMuse.

The Five Regrets of the Dying:

An examination of common deathbed regrets illuminates how creative thinking can foster greater fulfillment and possibility in our everyday lives.


Holly Mandel Portrait

Holly Mandel |  10:10am

Comedian, TV Writer, Business/Life Coach

Gender, Creativity, and Leadership: Freedom From Gives Freedom To 

Connecting gender expectations and their inhibiting “shoulds” to their limiting effects on the creative process, the ability to lead, and how we perceive and value one another...and ourselves.


Eric NunezEric Nunez  |  12:40pm

Student Speaker

Nature Clarified My Life




Elizabeth Rickard Shah PortraitElizabeth Rickard Shah  |  11:05am

Designer, Entrepreneur, Co-founder of Rickard Shah

What if? 

Discuss what it takes to be a creative force as both a fashion Designer and Entrepreneur. The risks, the rewards and keeping it all together.


Debra Rogers PortraitsDebra Rogers  |   10:20am

Writer's Coach, Relationship Expert and Reinvention Strategist

The Gift of Failure? 

How to flip failure in your favor and use it to create massive success.



Shelli Wright PortraitKatherine Boutry PortraitShelli Wright & Katherine Boutry | 11:25am

Shelli Wright is an Event Producer and writer. Dr. Katherine Boutry is Director of the Creativity Studies Lab and full-time professor of English at West Los Angeles College.

The Tao of Maybe

The Tao of Maybe discusses the practice of letting go of our attachment to outcomes and why we should. 



Akello Stone

Akello Stone

Developer of TV series, web series, music videos, video blogs, instructional/training content, and more.