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Scott Kecken





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The Digital Design Studio is a faculty resource center created to facilitate the development, production and distribution of educational media content. We provide faculty with the technical and creative support necessary to expand new media and technology usage in the traditional classroom and digital environment. The Digital Design Studio serves as a centralized knowledge base to facilitate campus collaboration, to provide access to digital tools and to innovate practices for teaching and learning with technology.

Our consultations include:

  • appropriate hardware and software solutions for the classroom
  • multi-media and web based assignments and evaluations
  • podcasting production and distribution to YouTube and iTunes
  • Lecture and screen capture
  • And more, just ask!

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Our resources: 

  • Soundproof Windows and Mac workstations with 
    Articulate, Abode Master Collection, Camtasia, Final Cut X, Garage Band, iMovie, Logic, Keynote, Microsoft Office, QuickTime
  • Video and audio production equipment for  small and medium projects
  • Digital devices such as iPads, iPods and Flip cameras

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