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Student fund

COVID-19 Emergency Donations Requested 


Your financial assistance is needed now more than ever to support our most vulnerable students who are attempting to cope with the ongoing detrimental effects of COVID-19. Many of these students work in retail, food and hospitality service industries. They have been laid-off, work hours cut, and/or forced to scale back on their work schedules due to childcare demands after the closing of school districts across the state. 

“My trailer burned down in the Woosley fire and I lost everything. I have been homeless. My temporary housing is about to expire.” ...WLAC student

“I have been dealing with the challenges of homelessness, being a fully emancipated foster youth and constant unemployment.” ...WLAC student

“I am 19 years old. I am a full time student and I work two jobs to help my parents with rent, groceries and utility bills. My father is temporarily disabled.” ...WLAC student


Your tax deductible donation today, will support emergency grants to students who are food and housing insecure. Donations to the West Los Angeles College Foundation will help students: 

  1. Remain in their homes (pay for rent, utilities, basic food and childcare services). 
  2. Provide hotel and food vouchers for homeless students. 
  3. Cover medical costs for uninsured students. (i.e. insulin, inhalers, etc.)