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Why Go Global


What can I do with an International/Global Studies major?

What can students NOT do with a global studies major?!
Students may choose to focus on any of the several aspects of global studies: area studies, international studies, postcolonial studies, or a topical field such as development and globalization.
The aim of the program is to:

  1. give students competency within their focus area;
  2. foster students' appreciation of the connections between themselves and the rest of the world, and;
  3. encourage students to become knowledgeable, active participants in the global arena.

Globalization is changing the world.

Take global classes to understand the impact of globalization.  
Learn about problem solving across disciplines, boundaries, and cultures.
Learn how to critically evaluate information from a comparative perspective.
A Global Studies major can contribute to almost any workplace.
Become effective cross-cultural communicators.
Learn about problems of global importance—power, creativity, health, technology, sustainability, wealth, and culture.
West’s Global Initiative focuses on helping students expand their awareness and knowledge of the economic, political, cultural, and social issues facing the world.  You can learn the skills to address them.

Possible career paths in global studies

Around the world, employers in all sectors are looking for job candidates who can understand complex issues, work in multicultural environments, and who enjoy travel and challenges.
Global Culture Industries: music, film, sports, – MTV, Disney, the NBA, Coca Cola

Global Environment: World Wildlife Fund, Greenpeace, Sierra International

Global Health: World Health Org (WHO), Center for Disease Control (CDC)

Global Marketing Agencies: BBDO, DDB, J. Walter Thompson, Leo Burnett

Human Justice Organizations: Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch

International Governing Agencies: UN, World Bank, IMF

International Service Agencies: Red Cross, CARE, UNICEF, Peace Corps


International Development Agencies: U.S.A.I.D, relief funds

International Businesses: Sony, Microsoft, Apple, medicine and pharmaceuticals

Mass Communication: CNN, ESPN, Rodale Int., foreign correspondence

Travel & Tourism: travel agencies, global tours, cruise lines

U.S. Government Offices & Agencies: Foreign Service, State Department


What will you do? What is your future?