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Guided Pathways Work Group 

West's Guided Pathways Work Group was charged with submitting the Guided Pathways Application for the College that included the following three components:

  1. Guided Pathways self-assessment in the fall of 2017 (December 23, 2017)checkmark_21;
  2. Attended an IEPI workshop in the fall of 2017 focused on the self-assessment process checkmark_21;
  3. Completed the Guided Pathways multi-year work plan in the spring of 2018 (March 30, 2018).checkmark_21
Following the completion of these components, initial funding allocations were made beginning in April 2018. All of these components are addressed in the timeline included with this announcement 
Below is a timeline of many of our Guided Pathways efforts beginning with our most recent achievements. 

*Our New Learning & Career Paths (Sp 2020)*

Learning and Career Pathways Handout 

Approved First Interation of Meta Majors (2019-2021)

Meta Majors (1st Interation--Approved by Academic Senate 11/26/19)

Guided Pathways at West: From Inqurity to our First Interation of Meta Majors Presentation 

Results of Meta Major Card Sorts (2019)

Meta Major Card Sort Data Memo 

Meta Major Mapping Activities (2018-2019)

7/26/18 Summer Bridge Program Student Activity Results 

Faculty Meta Major Mapping Activity Flex Day 2018 

President’s Cabinet Meta Major Card Sort February 21, 2019

Speech Class Meta Major Card Sort February 25, 2019

Crosswalk of Feb.25 Speech Class & Feb. 21 President’s Cabinet Meta Major Card Sorts

Guided Pathways Essentials Practices: Scale of Adoption Self-Assessmet (2018-2019) 

West's Guided Pathways SOAA

Work Plan (2018-2019)

West's Guided Pathways Work plan 2018-2019

Guided Pathways Self Assessment Tool Responses (2018-2019)

Cross Functional Inquiry 

Shared Metrics 

Integrated Planning 

Inclusive Decision Making 

Intersegmental Alignment 

Guided Major and Career Exploration 

Improved Basic Skills 

Clear Program Requirements 

Proactive Student Supports 

Integrated Tech Infrastructure 

Strategic Professional Development 

Aligned Learning Outcomes 

Assessing and Documenting Learning 

Applied Learning Outcomes 

BSILI Leadership For Curricular & Institutional Transformation Documents (Summer 2018) 

BSILI Website 

West's Logic Model