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Summer Classes for High School Students


Take Free Classes At WLAC This Summer 2019!

Check out recommended classes here.

Steps to Apply:

1. Complete an Admissions Application and receive your LACCD ID #

2. Submit a Supplemental Application (PAPER K-12 Form) to the Admissions Office in-person (Student Services Building, 2nd Floor)


  • Student I.D. No. refers to your LACCD ID # NOT your High School ID #
  • Student Grade is the grade level you will join for the 2019-2020 school year
  • School Location Code is the name of your High School

Note: The K-12 form must be signed by the student, a parent/guardian, and a high school official (e.g. high school counselor or administrator).

3. After your K-12 form is processed, login to your SIS portal, check your registration date, and enroll in classes!


Who can participate?

Rising 9th-12th grade students who are enrolled in a public or private high school can enroll in summer classes at West.


How much does this program cost?

It's FREE! West waives tuition for California residents enrolled in high school. Students are, however, responsible for the cost of textbooks and other school supplies.


How many classes can I take?

High school students may enroll in up to 7 units at West during the Summer term.


Which classes can I take?

Check out the recommended summer courses for high school students here!

Note: Students will only be permitted to register for the course(s) that were identified on the PAPER K-12 form submitted to the Admissions Office (see Steps to Apply).


Can my parent/guardian drop-off the K-12 form for me?

No. Parents/guardians may not conduct transactions on behalf of the student. The student must submit his/her form in-person.


Can I get high school credit?

Maybe. Speak with your high school counselor or administrator. Only they can definitely state how/if West's classes are placed on the high school transcript.


Why do I have an "Admissions High School Student" hold on my account?


Class registration for high school students is limited to those classes recommended on the K-12 form. A new K-12 form is required every term and class registration is not permitted until this form is received. The Outreach Office does not manage these holds, please contact the Admissions Office for support.