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F1 Visa: Support Services


West Los Angeles College offers you a full menu of support services to ensure you have every opportunity to meet your educational goals. Please select the service below to be connected to that service website. 

Admissions & Records

Visit this program to resolve account holds, changes of status, transcripts, and verifications. Visit SSB 220 or call (310) 287-4501. 


Associated Students Organization (ASO) 

Visit this program to join/start a club or organization, to access the ASO computer lab and printers, to purchase discounted amusement park and movie tickets, for preferred parking, and free school supplies. Visit A-9 Building or call (310) 287-4426.


Assessment Office (Student Success & Support Program) 

Visit this office for assessment testing, ExpressWay services and counseling. Visit SSB 420 or call (310) 287-4462. 



Purchase, rent or sell textbooks, discounted software, and West’s clothing and apparel. Visit SSB (1st Floor) or call (310) 287-4560.  


Business Office

Visit this office to pay fees (application, enrollment, parking, tuition) and/or obtain registration receipts. Visit SSB 230 or call (310) 287-4262. 


Counseling (Academic, Career, and University Transfer) 

Visit this office for counseling services (appointments and walk-ins), to obtain a Comprehensive Student Education Plan, enrollment in Personal Development classes and for University Transfer Center services. Visit SSB 350 or call (310) 287-7242. 


Disabled Students Programs & Services

Visit this office if you have academic needs relating to physical, communication, or learning challenges are invited to visit DSP&S to speak to a program representative for diagnostic testing of learnign disabilities, accommodations, and priority registration. Visit SSB 320 or call (310) 287-4450. 



Access West’s free Microsoft services (Email, Skydrive, Office Suite) to communicate with West’s services, professors, and classmates. Download the LACCD Email Tutorial (PDF / VIDEO) for additional support. 


Graduation Office 

Visit this office if to learn more about foreign transcript evaluation, applying for certificates and graduation, and specific grading services (academic renewal, automatic repeat). Visit SSB 220. 


Health Center

Visit this office for general health and mental services, help from a nurse practitioner, licensed therapist, & on-call physician, referral services for additional support, and wellness workshops. Visit A-9 Building or call (310) 287-4478. 


Medical Insurance (IMED)

Current students should review the linked document to learn more about your IMED insurance policy, how to access your insurance card, how to see a doctor, and what to do in an emergency. IMED is automatically assigned to all F-1 Visa students at West without exemption (LACCD Board Rule 2309.20). 



International Success & Support Program

Connect with the International Support Program to participate in dinners and special events exclusive to international students at West. Visit HLRC (Library Room 222), call (310) 287-4458 or email



Access free tutoring (all subjects), computer (PC & Mac), research databases (books, periodicals, journals, etc.), private study areas (individual and group), learning software, and free Wi-Fi. Visit HLRC Building or call (310) 287-4404


Sheriff’s Department

West houses a permanent Sheriff’s police sub-station. Access our student escort services, file a report, learn about safety.



Access free tutoring for any class we offer. Tutoring is available 6 days per week and we offer online tutoring. Visit HLRC Building (1st Floor) or call (310) 287-4404.