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Paralegal Degree, Certificate & Classes


For complete description of requirements for the Associate Degree, Certificate and list of courses, visit the College Catalog.


Associate of Arts Degree (A.A.)

Part-time or Full-time

Average Time to Complete Full-time Program: 5+ Semesters

Required Units: 60+

Earn an Associate in Arts degree (with a Paralegal major) by completing 60 semester units which includes all major requirements and general education courses (Plan B). A counselor must be consulted by all students in this program. 
NOTE: Students must complete English 101 and all required Paralegal Courses with a grade of “C” or better.


Certificate of Achievement

Full and Part-time

Average Time to Complete Full-time Program: 3+ Semesters

Required Units: 41.00

Requirement for Certificate: You must possess at least an Associate (AA) Degree or higher.


Introductory Courses

Introduction to Law and Legal Profession (PL 10) - 3 units

English 101 - College Reading and Composition 1 - 3 units

Business Law I (Law 1 - same as Business 5) - 3 units

Business Law II (Law 2) - 3 units

Introduction to Civil Litigation (PL 11) - 3 units