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Poster Showcase Event Sponsors


Student Success Committee

West’s Student Poster Showcase operates under the auspices of the Student Success Committee, a committee of the Academic Senate. Each year faculty, classified staff, administrators, and student volunteers form a work group to plan and carry out the judging and fair.


This year's event is sponsored by ASO (Associated Student Organization), who have invited faculty judges to participate. If you are a paid ASO member, or if you become one by May 14, you will qualify for one of the three ASO Poster Showcase Prizes ($50 per person Amazon cards) for outstanding posters which demonstrates resourcefulness and creativity. 


In order to become an ASO member, go to the Business Office, 2nd floor of SSB, and pay $7 for the ASO membership fee. You are then entitled to ASO services such as free Scantrons, pens, folders, discounted printing and faxing on campus, and use of the exclusive ASO study lounge, among other benefits. Most importantly, you will qualify for one of the three ASO Poster Showcase Prizes ($50 per person Visa cash cards.)


For more information, phone 310-287-4375, or visit the ASO office in A9 (behind PAWS).

ASO’s website:


Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) Committee

This year's event is also made possible by West’s SLO Committee.

Previous Years


The 2019 poster showcase was sponsored by ASO, with a generous contribution from the SLO Committee.



The 2018 poster showcase was sponsored by ASO.



The 2017 poster showcase was sponsored by an Equity Grant. Thank you to Professors Holly Bailey-Hofmann and Clare Norris-Bell for writing and submitting the proposal.


The 2016 event is sponsored by contributions from: 

The West Guide to Writing: Success through the Sequence from Community College to University (Boutry, Norris-Bell, Bailey-Hofmann), and from College funds allocated by Interim President Bob Sprague. 





Special THANK YOU to Arnita Porter, Director, Holly Bailey-Hofmann, Mary Hardy, Patsy Brown, Bruce Hicks and the Plant Facilities Staff, Linda Alexander, Alice Taylor, Nancy Sander, and WLAC President, Dr. Nabil Abu-Ghazaleh.  Thanks to Clare Norris, Walter Jones, and the Student Success Committee.  Thanks also to Student Project Showcase Committee members Paul Calderon, Janelle Blount, Matt Robertson, Joy Ogami Avila, Matt Robertson, Kenneth Taira, and Melinda Smith, Michelle Long-Coffee, Clarissa Castellanos, Mary-Jo Apigo, Steven Carter, Rita Shemwell, Vicky Nesia, Leo Calderon for AV assistance, DJ Tobate for helping us to dance through the Poster Fair, our faculty judges, student workers, volunteer staff, and to all who funded prizes and helped to make this year's event a success.  


2011 - 2014

Thanks to the West Jazz band for playing the event Years 1-3; thanks to Bruce Hicks and the Facilities staff, and Steve Aggers in Athletics; thanks to Leo Calderon, for AV assistance; thanks to Bonnie Blustein, Vicky Nesia, Michelle Long-Coffee, Clarissa Castellanos, Maria Mancia, Mary-Jo Apigo, Sue deBord, Alice Taylor, Bob Sprague; our volunteer event staff and judges for their time, our participating faculty, and to all who helped fund the event and the prizes. Thanks also to Showcase Committee members Joy Ogami Avila, Matt Robertson, Bonnie Blustein, Kenneth Taira, Mary Hardy, Melinda Smith, Janelle Blount, Sue DeBord, Kenyatta Bakeer, Clare Norris and the Student Success Committee.