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8th Annual Student Poster Showcase Winners!


ASO Prizes for Creativity and Resourcefulness

Karen Aguilar – “Survivor’s Tale Analysis” (English 101)

Sarra Ben Ghorbal – “Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence” (Communication Studies 101)

Ginny Sharma and Shanique Braggs – “Myocardial Infarction” (Health 012)

Blue Category (Dental Hygiene 357, English 420) 

First Place: Nazaneen Matin and Elva Martinez – “Celiac Disease” (English 420)

Second Place: Leslie Go and Tina Nguyen – “Coconut Oil Pulling” (Dental Hygiene 357)

Third Place: Lindsey Petersen, Coty Crisp, and Christine Clifford – “Got Braces?” (English 420)

Green Category (Bio 003a, Dental Assistant 003, Health 012) 

First Place: Tida Rotgana and Citali Santiago – “Cervical Cancer” (Dental Assistant 003) 

Second Place: Bianca Cuizon, Krystal Gaspar, and Roberto Robles – “Grand Mal Seizures” (Dental Assistant 003)  

Third Place: Abigail Malle – “Effects of Caffeine on the Body” (Biology 003a)  


Red Category (English 101)

First Place: Austin Williams – “Mass Incarceration/A New Racial Caste System”

Second Place: Jordan Copeland – “White Plan”

Lizette Mendoza – “Native Americans, Mascots, and Stereotypes”  

Third Place: Abigail Malle – “Effects of Caffeine on the Body” (Biology 003a) 


Violet Category (Communication Studies 101, Child Development 001, Hospitality 302, Medical Office Procedures 001, West Language Academy/Credit ESL) 

First Place: Aurora Madrigal – “Silent But Deadly (Cattle Farms)” (Communication Studies 101) 

Second Place: Deepshika Prakash – “Fiji Islands” (Medical Office Procedures 001)

Third Place: Masahiro Nagasaka, Tuvshim Ijilmurun, and Brayan Ibarguen – “Sanitation in Our Countries vs LA” (West Language Academy/Credit English as a Second Language)


Mary Agnes Murphy McGovern Prize for Ingenuity

Chris Armstead – “’A’ is for Autism” (Child Development 001) and “Hospitality” (Hospitality 302)