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7th Annual Student Poster Showcase Winners!


Biology and Environmental Science

First Place: Chris Avina, "Where Are They Now?" (Environmental Science, Mirmovitch)

Second Place: Claire Alvaregna, Merna Nasif, Zixi Liu, and Jacqueline Espinoza, "Kvass Fermentation" (Bio 6, Martin) 

Third Place: Adam Bach, Melody Forsythe, Ryan Kelm, and Yihan Wang, "ALS" (Bio 3a, DeVelasco) 


Computer Science, Math, and STEM

First Place: Mary Campos-Falahee, Michael Flores, and Norma C. Pena, "Google Search Engine" (Computer Science, Kowaney) 

Second Place: Dakota Saez, Diego Monge, Christian Garcia: "Defining Humanity’s Steps of Inhabitance; Using Computer Software to Detect Exoplanets" (STEM, Bell)  

Third Place: Aaron Reyes and Hector Chee: "Biometrics" (Computer Science, Kowaney)  



First Place: Dianna Alvarado, "Marie Curie" (English, Boutry) 

Second Place: Victoria Sanders, "Frida Kahlo" (English, Boutry) 


Third Place: Kevin Lulseged, "Creativity and Mental Disability" (English, Boutry) 



Dental Hygiene

First Place: Lily Vuong and Chi Nguyen, "Omega 3" (Dental Hygiene, Coppola) 

Second Place: Farzaneh Morabbi, Shantel Hiekali, and Maryam Naghavian, "Use of Silver Diamine Fluoride in Caries Control" (Dental Hygiene, Coppola) 


Third Place: Alejandro Garcia and Ana Rodriguez, "Preventing Tooth Decay Using a Target Specific Antimicrobial (C165G2)” (Dental Hygiene, Coppola)                                                                                                       


English 28, West Language Academy, International Students Program, Communication Studies, and Hospitality 

First Place: Claudia Dominguez, "Mindsets of Bullies & Victims" (English, Bailey-Hofmann) 


Second Place: Briana Bernardez, "Mindset" (English, Bailey-Hofmann)


Third Place: Nikoya Barber, "Writing Axiety" (English, Bailey-Hofmann)



English 101

First Place: Sophia Gallardo, "Roots of Trauma" (English, Setka) 

Second Place: Israel Ramirez-Crispen, "The Evolution of the Edward Byrne Memorial Fund" (English, Norris-Bell)                                           

Third Place: Berdimyrat Mammedov "#Eat Consciously” (English, Norris-Bell) 


English 203

First Place: Jaime Sandoval, "Old Testament Apocrypha" (English, Bailey-Hofmann)

Second Place: Ivan Amador, "Odysseus: The Hero's Journey" (English, Bailey-Hofmann) 

Third Place: Julio Hernandez, "The Picaresque Novel" (English, Bailey-Hofmann)                                                                                                                 


Health and Allied Health Occupations

First Place: Angelica Meza, "Ever Heard of Typhoid?" (Medical Assistant, Boghos) 

Second Place: Claudia Ardon and Betelhem Seyoum, "Dental Phobia" (Dental Assistant, Medina)  

Third Place: Sophia Arrendondo Ng, "Endometriosis" (Medical Assistant, Boghos)                                                          


Mirmovitch Environmental Science

First Place: Sarah Moss, "Effects of Pharmaceuticals on Marine Life" (Environmental Science, Mirmovitch)                         

Second Place: Chris Avina, "Where Are They Now?" (Environmental Science, Mirmovitch)             

Third Place: Marc Anderson, "Water: Where Does it Come From?" (Environmental Science, Mirmovitch)                 



Fist Place: Daniel Sosacobo (Computer Science, Ghaforyfard)                        

Second Place: Odysseus Hadjioannou (Computer Science, Ghaforyfard)   

Third Place: Martin Zazuetasoriano (Computer Science, Ghaforyfard)