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6th Annual Student Poster Showcase Winners!


Allied Health Medical Assistant/Health/Bio 3a

1st Place Tie:

  • “Whiplash” - Karen Ruhman, Matt Thomas (Health - Pulido)          
  • “Down Syndrome” - Matthew Gallardo (Bio 3 – Mirmovitch)          

2nd Place: “First Aid and Wound Care” - Jocelyn Andrews, Yadira Vladovinos, Marilin Dear (Health – Pulido)  

3rd Place: “Kawasaki Disease” - Vletta Tait (AHMA – Boghos)                                         


Allied Health Dental Hygiene

1st Place: “Caffeine”- Vasthy Vargas, Esther Tuchez, Jerico Campbell(DH – Kamibayashi)                                            

2nd Place: “Alkaline Water”  - Susana Calderon, Claudia Washington, Hillary Reed (DH - Kamibayashi)                               

3rd Place: “Superfoods” - Eun Kyung Sim, Shantel Hiekali (DH - Kamibayashi)                                                                                                         


100-level Transfer Courses (Anthro 102, Comm Studies 101, Env Sci 1)

1st Place: “Spoiled Rotten”- Aida Takakoli (Env Sci 1 – Mirmovitch)    

2nd Place: “The Animal Industry” - Angie Gallardo (Env Sci 1 – Mirmovitch)

3rd Place: “Female Genital Mutilation”- Elisabeth Annick Ngo Baha  (Anthro 102 – Hardy)


English 101 and English 102

1st Place: “If You Think You’re Anonymous, Think Again” - Guadalupe Garcia (English 101 – Hofmann)

2nd Place: “Cancer“ - Jade Matthews (English 101 – Leonard)                                          

3rd Place: “Voting for Dummies” - Lori Pass (English 101 – Hofmann)


200-level Transfer Courses (English 203 and Math 227)

1st Place: “Do WLAC Students Understand Roulette?” - Jennifer Martinez (Math 227 – Blustein)

2nd Place: “Homer, The Odessey, and The Illiad (google doc) - Lilli Keeve (English 203 – Hofmann)

3rd Place: “Does Having a Large Engine (V8’s) Necessarily Mean More Speed?” - Anthony Barrios (English 203)                                                                                                                 


Microbiology (Microbiology 20)

1st Place: “Testing the Five-Second Rule” - Divya Mowji, Julia Becht, Erika Lara, Tyler Johnson (MBio – Martin)'

2nd Place: “How Different Bacteria Affect Taste/Appearance of Sourdough Bread” - Angela Asij, Joseph Capiton, Katie Burgette, Kyle Roberts, Natasha Weereratne (Mbio – Martin)                                                                                                          

3rd Place Tie:

  • “How Much Do You Know about Fermentation?” - Israel Gabaie, Amelia Furlan, Ashley Rhodes (Mbio – Martin)                                                          
  • “Kimchi Fermentation” - Rebecca, Sahar, Delya (Mbio – Martin)                  


Associated Students Organization (ASO)

1st Place: “How to Read a Poem” - Norma Meneses - (Eng 102 – Hofmann)                                      

2nd Place: “Are You Prepared?” - Mustapha Malki (AHMA – Boghos)                                    

3rd Place: “Superfoods” - Eunkuung Sim Shantel Hiekali (DH – Kamibayashi)                   


Environmental Science Prize

1st Place: “Spoiled Rotten” - Aida Takakoli (Env Sci 1 – Mirmovitch)                       

2nd Place: “Water Pollution” - Monica Viramontes (Env Sci 1 – Mirmovitch)  

3rd Place: “The Animal Industry” - Angie Gallardo (Env Sci 1 – Mirmovitch)