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Tuition Reimbursement


Important information below—see “About Conference Attendance & Tuition Reimbursement"

About Conference Attendance & Tuition Reimbursement

Motion:  Move to approve the May, 2013 Revised Policy for Faculty Conference Attendance and Tuition Reimbursement.


Proposed Revised Policy for West Faculty for Conference Attendance and Tuition Reimbursement (May 2013)


Conference Attendance  

Each faulty member on active assignment at WLAC is eligible to receive $150.00 each for conference attendance. If a full-time faculty member wishes additional conference funds, additional funds from four other faculty members, if approved by each contributing member, could be used for conference reimbursement up to a total of $750.00 for the fiscal year. This amount would be the maximum reimbursable amount for each faculty member per academic year.

Adjunct faculty with an assignment, within the current fiscal year/semester, would receive $150.00 initially for conference reimbursement. After that, amounts available to adjuncts from four other supporting faculty with an assignment in the current fiscal year/semester.

Payment for conference reimbursement would be processed and paid upon completion of the Conference Summary Form and Expenditure Form.  District/college policies and procedures for approval for conference attendance must be followed.