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Professional Learning Subcommittee


A Subcommittee of the Student Success Committee

The goal of Professional Learning at West Los Angeles College is to:

  • Inspire and increase faculty, staff, and administrator involvement in professional learning activities in order to create a college culture of learning.
  • Develop, apply, and assess proven, effective learner-centered strategies.


Professional Development Plan

Committee Members

Celena Alcala
Chuck Amaugo
Mary-Jo Apigo
Elizabeth Bell
Phyllis Braxton
Adrienne Foster
JoAnn Haywood
Sheila Jeter-Williams
Walter Jones
Lisa Kamibayashi
Scott Kecken
Katy Kelley
Kimberly Manner
Colleen Matsuhara
Vicky Nesia
Clare Norris
Manish Patel
Arnita Porter
Nancy Sander
Cecelia Schumake
Bob Sprague
Joyce Sweeney
Ken Taira
Alice Taylor
Rebecca Tillberg
Susan Trujillo