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For a schedule of upcoming Job & Workforce Preparation classes, go to the West LA College Class Schedule link and look for Vocational Education 096CE, 097CE or 098CE.


Contact: Barry Sloan
Associate Dean
(310) 287-4278



Develop the skills, attitude and approach you need to get and keep a job. Learn how to set yourself apart from others so you can succeed and move up the ladder.

Job & Workforce Preparation

FREE Noncredit Classes Offered through the FREE College at West

Vocational Education 096CE – Blueprint for Workplace Success     0 units  (NDA)
If you have never worked before or haven't been successful holding a job, this class is a must for you! Learn what it takes to get a job and then hold on and be successful in it. Gain the necessary tools and skills to assist you in the creation of your workplace blueprint in this 36-hour noncredit course. Topics include self-discovery, time management, job market realities, workplace skills, effective communication, how to contact employers, preparing for the interview, getting hired and keeping your job. If you pass this course, you will receive an industry-recognized Blueprint certificate that can help you when you're looking for a job.


Vocational Education 098CE – 30 Ways to Shine as a New Employee     0 units  (NDA)
If you recently started work, then you want to make a great impression and set yourself up for a promotion and better pay. This 12-hour noncredit course is designed to provide new and current workers "30 Ways to Shine as a New Employee." Increase your level of effectiveness with workplace customer service and colleague relations skills. Topics include achieving workplace goals, understanding workplace culture, being a team player, using a positive attitude and how to balance your home and work responsibilities.


Vocational Education 097CE – Blueprint for Customer Service     0 units  (NDA)
How you deal with customers will go a long way to determining how successful you will be in your career. Great customer service is valued very highly in the hospitality and retail industries and is often the source for promotions and better pay. This 18-hour noncredit course is designed to provide new and current workers the customer service skills required to increase their employability and get to know their customers or clients. Topics covered include knowing what customers want, listening to customers and over-the-phone customer service.


Schedule and Registration Information
For information on the next workforce preparation class, go to and choose a semester and Vocational Education for subject. These West L.A. College noncredit classes are offered FREE of charge on a pass/no pass basis. Registration for all noncredit classes is handled only through the Admissions & Records office at West. You will need to have an active LACCD student ID (88 number), or apply for one online.  Follow the steps here to apply.