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Resource Development Committee


The Resource Development Committee (RDC) is the recommending and advisory committee to the College Council charged with guiding and overseeing the Resource Development Office as it seeks to identify, develop, apply for, or implement grant, partnership, and contract opportunities aligned with and facilitating the college's mission and strategic plan.  The RDC will develop processes for members of the college community to contribute to development ideas, participate in resource creation activities (e.g., proposal development, partnership building, contract opportunity development, faculty exchanges, activities that expand and strengthen student learning), and encourage and facilitate a campus culture that supports resource development activities as vital to the intellectual and scholastic vitality of the college.


RDC recommendations to the college president will be made using the decision-making method agreed upon by the College Council for all its sub-committees.  If the college president disagrees with an RDC recommendation, he/she will notify the RDC in writing of the reasons for his/her decision.


Co-chairs will be selected for two year terms from amongst the committee members as follows: one administrator appointed by the college administration and one faculty member appointed by the Academic Senate President and the AFT Faculty Guild President.  In the event that there is a disagreement about the selection of the faculty co-chair, the College Council will appoint the faculty co-chair for one year by an agreed upon method of selection.


The RDCmeets monthly.  Minutes shall be kept of all meetings and forwarded to the College Council as a report.  The RDC will submit an annual evaluation of its activities to the College Council.


Resource Development Committee membership:

  • Faculty Senate (3)
  • AFT Faculty Guild (3)
  • AFT Classified Guild (1)
  • SEIU (1)
  • College vice presidents or designees (3)
  • Dean of sponsored programs & resource development (1)
  • ASO president or designee (1)
  • Non-voting resource persons may be invited by the co-chairs or at the request of RDC members.