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Student Learning Outcomes at West




Welcome to the West Los Angeles College Student Learning Outcomes web page. This site is regularly updated to share the progress we are making in the development and assessment of SLOs at our campus. If you have SLO work completed and would like to document it, please contact the SLO Coordinator at


The SLO Assessment Cycle at West occurs in four phases.  In Phase 1, faculty teach the course and assess one or more of its SLOs.  During Phase 2, faculty discuss course assessment results, decide upon changes needed to improve learning in the course, and complete the processes necessary to implement the changes. Phase 3 takes place when the course is taught again; faculty implement the changes, and re-assess the SLO.  During Phase 4, faculty discuss the reassessment results to close the loop.  Phases 3 and 4 continue until all course SLOs are satisfactorily met.


Division Chairs developed calendars that schedule when all courses and course SLOs will be assessed within the 4-year cycle.  The calendar serves as a visual, communication tool for faculty to know when their course is due for assessment and in what phase their course is in the SLO cycle.  The calendars also detail when course SLOs are due for assessment as well as planning for the assessment of additional CSLOs


This cycle should produce a reliable cycle of -- design, develop, pilot-test, evaluate, modify--if necessary--test again--as we move forward with our SLO process.


SLO Facilitators Announcement - ongoing

SLO Coordinator - November 2013

SLO Leaders and Coach Announcement - December 2012

SLO Facilitators

Updated Nov 19, 2015


Division Chair

SLO Facilitator

Contact Info

Allied Health Carlos Sermeño Joy Ogami, x7221
Applied Technology Jack Moy Jason Coleman
Career Studies Gerald Ludwig Lorenzo Ybarra;
Jason Coleman;
Cinema, Entertaiment, & Media Arts Laura Peterson Elise Forier Edie, 4565
Computer Science Anna Chiang Manish Patel, x7295
Counseling Sherron Rouzan-Thomas Alma Narez-Acosta, x4259
Health & Kinesiology Jane Witucki Luis Cordova, x4207
Humanities & Fine Arts Joyce Sweeney

Lloyd Noonan;
Elise Edie-Forier;, x4565
Language Arts Fran Leonard Luis Cordovaa, x4207
Library & Learning Resources Ken Lin Paul Calderon
Math Matt Robertson Jeremy Jankans, x4214
Science Abraha Bahta Luis Cordova, x4207
Social Sciences Sholeh Khorooshi Meric Keskinel; x4227

SLO Newsletters

SLO Bulletin

History and Assessment Plans

Process Diagrams


SLO Committee

The SLO Committee meets the fourth Monday of the month from 3:00 pm - 4:30 pm in Winlock.

  • Luis Cordova, Co-Chair & SLO Coordinator
  • Mary-Jo Apigo, Co-Chair
  • Paul Calderon, Humanities and Fine Arts
  • Jason Coleman, Applied Technology
  • Elise Forier Edie, CEMA
  • Adrienne Foster, Senate
  • Jeremy Jankans, Math
  • Katy Kelley, Child Development
  • Meric Keskinel, Social Sciences
  • Sandra Lew, Community Services/Westside Extension
  • Alma Narez-Acosta, Counseling
  • Lloyd Noonan, Humanities and Fine Arts
  • Joy Ogami, Allied Health
  • Manish Patel, Computer Science
  • Anne Winter, Humanities and Fine Arts
  • Lorenzo Ybarra, Career Studies
  • Luo Yilan, Social Sciences



Luis Cordova, SLO Coordinator | | (310) 287-4207 | GC-210L

Mary-Jo Apigo, Dean of Teaching & Learning | |  (310) 287-4410 | HLRC-315