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Global Studies Division



The International Area/Global Studies program is part of an interdisciplinary effort by West’s faculty so you can develop the knowledge and skills you need to study and understand how our world is changing and how we can address the challenges of the future. You will learn to approach global challenges—current and emerging—from a comparative and transnational approach to research.  We seek to prepare you to transfer for baccalaureate programs at UCLA, other UCs, and CSUs and to prepare you for whatever profession you choose.


Come. Explore the world. Join fellow students who want both curricular and metacurricular opportunities to develop a critical understanding of global issues to become engaged "citizens of the world.

Associate Degrees & Certificates


Whether you aspire to move up at FedEx or work for the Federal Government, work in a large corporation or run a small busines using products from abroad, an understanding of other cultures and world issues can be critical. West offers Associate degrees and certificates with a focus on four regions and a broader global studies degree..learn more

Study Abroad

For many years, West has provided students with the opportunity to spend a Summer session in Spain improving their Spanish skills, earning college credit and exploring another country at an affordable rate. West is expanding its offerings with short study-abroad trips tailored to the needs and budgets of community college students...learn more


English Language Academy

Students abroad and here in the U.S. who want intensive instruction in English before entering college courses can find what they need in West's Language Academy. Prepare for the TOEFL, the workplace or anywhere else where strong English skills are needed...learn more




International Students

International students enrich coversations and learning in and outside of the classroom by bringing in cultural perspectives and experiences. West offers multiple programs for international students including: Study in the USA at West; the Online Degree Program; and the English Language Academy...learn more