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Curriculum Documents & Other Forms

Distance Education Approval Form (Word .doc)

Delivery Strategies Form (Word .doc)  Delivery Strategies Form FAQ (Word .doc)

The Steps for Uploading the DE Addenda into ECD (Word .doc)

English 211 Online Course Addendum - SAMPLE (Word .doc)
Humanities 89 Online Course Addendum - SAMPLE (PDF doc)
Psychology 2 Online Course Addendum - SAMPLE (Word .doc)

Official (Combined) Course Outline Form
(Word .doc)

Political Science 4 Outline - SAMPLE (Word .doc)
Administration of Justice 1 Outline - SAMPLE (Word .doc)
Child Development 10 Outline - SAMPLE (Word .doc)

Institutional Student Learning Outcomes
(Word .doc)

Psychology Program Outcomes - SAMPLE (Word .doc)
Math Program Outcomes - SAMPLE (Word .doc)

Model Course Syllabus with Disability Statement
(Word .doc)