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The WLAC Online Writing Lab (OWL)

West Los Angeles College's Online Writing Lab (OWL) offers FREE tutoring in writing for all WLAC classes, including English, History and other courses requiring writing assignments.

Assistance Available at the OWL

At the WLAC OWL you can obtain assistance with:

  • Prewriting: Essay organization and developing details.
  • Revisions: Re-organization of your paper, general review of sentence structure and discussion of essay development.

Online Tutoring assistance is provided by the campus Writing Lab instructional assistant and Writing Lab tutors. Tutoring is delivered using the ETUDES online course management system.

Accessing the OWL

To gain access to the OWL, simply enroll in SUPERVISED LEARNING ASSISTANCE - Section #8971. Once enrolled, you will see the course tab "WLAC TUT 001" when you login to ETUDES.

Enroll anytime during the semester to access free online tutoring. You can even enroll online by clicking here: LACCD Student Information System

Navigating the OWL

Once you have entered the OWL course in ETUDES do the following:
  • Use the DISCUSSION area to post questions and the instructions that go with the rough drafts that are submitted.
  • Use the ASSIGNMENTS, TESTS and SURVEYS area to submit your writing for review.
  • Use CHAT for real-time communication with the tutoring staff.


Further Information

If you have any questions about the OWL and tutoring, you can contact us at:

Also, please feel free to come visit the campus Writing Lab for an in-person demo of the OWL. The campus Writing Lab is located on the 1st floor of the Library (HLRC).

Writing Lab Schedule

On Campus:

Schedule information can be found on the Writing Lab webpage.


Tutors will be checking the Online Writing Lab Web site to help WLAC students who have enrolled in Learning Assistance, Supervised 1T #8971 and would like help with WLAC writing assignments by way of the Internet.



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