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For additional Information, Please contact:

Anthony Cuomo, 

SLO Coordinator 




Student Learning Outcome (SLO) Symposium



Each Spring, the SLO committee and leadership team host the annual SLO Symposium, which is focused on building support, networking, interdisciplinary/cross-functional dialouge and providing solutions for assessment. Each year, we focus on a theme that is relevant to our current insitutional needs and offers opportunities for faculty, staff, administrators and students to learn more about the importance of assessing our teaching and learning practices. Below are recordings of some of our more recent symposiums and links to the resources shared. As we continue to focus on student success, closing the achivement gap and quality instruction, we can use these resources to help guide how we can continue to improve student success. 


SLO Symposium 2020



 SLO Symposium 2020 Activities 


SLO Symposium 2019 Handouts 


SLO Symposium 2018



SLO Symposium 2017



SLO Symposium 2016 



SLO Symposium 2015, Part 1



SLO Symposium 2015, Part 2