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New Rules

Priority Registration

Complete Assessment, Orientation and/or Education Plan to Receive Highest Registration Priority ...see video


Students with high registration priority are the first who are permitted to register for classes each semester. Those who register first have the best opportunity to get the classes they want and complete their certificate or degree programs in an timely manner.


The Board of Governors for the California Community Colleges is considering and enacting a number of changes to the colleges designed to reward students who demonstrate that they are focused on efficiently and successfully progressing through a college transfer or career program.


New students who have completed college orientation, assessment and developed education plans as well as continuing students in good academic standing who have not exceeded 100 units (not including units in basic English, math or English as a Second Language) will have priority over students who do not meet these criteria. Among these students, active-duty military and veterans and current and former foster youth will continue to have first call on courses, followed by students in Extended Opportunity Programs and Services and Disabled Students Programs and Services.

"Repeat a Course" Rule Change

The number of times you can attempt a course has changed ...more info, click here (PDF).

Effective Summer 2012, course withdrawal ("W") or a substandard grade ("D," "F," “I,”NC” or "NP") count as an attempt at a course.  Only three attempts at any one course will be allowed, with some exceptions. Listed below are the new rules that all students need to know about.


  • Students who drop or are excluded after the last day to drop without a grade of “W” will have a “W” appear on their transcript. The “W” will count as an attempt for that course.
  • A course in a student’s transcript which currently shows a recorded “W” counts as an attempt for that course.  
  • Students will not be allowed to register for any course within the LACCD if there are three recorded attempts for that course in any combination of W, D, F, I, NC, or NP grades.
  • Add permits for a course within the LACCD will not be processed if there are three recorded attempts for that course in any combination of W, D, F, I, NC or NP grades.
  • For courses specifically designated as "repeatable," students may repeat up to three times. (See Title 5 California Code of Regulations sections 55040, 55041, 58161).
  • Where the student's number of enrollments in a course exceeds the allowable amount, the student may petition for an additional enrollment in cases of extenuating circumstances. 


What students should do:

  • Be sure you are academically ready for classes you enroll in.
  • If you must drop a course, drop before the specified deadline for dropping a class without a grade of “W.”
  • See a counselor before making decisions that could affect your educational plan.