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Assessment Test Results & Placement


What Do My Placement Results Mean?

Preparation for your Assessment Test is critical because it defines for you and your Counselor the Math and English courses that are best suited for you to take your first semester. Once you are placed into the appropriate course you will follow the Pre-requisite “course sequence”.  A Pre-requisite is a course that you must complete before you are allowed to enroll in the next course.

An Example of this is: If a student places in Math 105 they must successfully complete Math 105 before they can enroll in Math 110. If a student is placed in English 21 they must successfully complete English 21 before they can enroll in English 28.

Placement Course Sequences Charts:

English & ESL Course Sequence Charts

Math Sequence Chart (See pg 2)


  • English 20A: College Reading Skills
  • English 21: English Fundamentals
  • English 28: Intermediate Reading and Composition
  • English 101: College Reading and Composition

English as a Second Language (ESL)

  • ESL 4A: English Language Acquisition Writing / Grammar
  • ESL 4B:  English Reading/ Vocabulary
  • ESL 5A: English Language Acquisition Writing / GrammarESL 5B:  English Reading/ Vocabulary
  • ESL 6A:  English Language Acquisition Writing / Grammar
  • ESL 6 B: English Reading/ Vocabulary
  • ESL 8: Advanced ESL Composition


  • Math 105: Arithmetic for College Students  
  • Math 110: Intro to Algebra Concept
  • Math 112: Pre- Algebra
  • Math 115: Elementary Algebra
  • Math 123A, 123B and 123C: Elementary and Intermediate Algebra
  • Math 125: Intermediate Algebra

University Transferable Courses

Math 215, 227, 235, 236, 241, 260, 261, 262