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Glossary Terms



The Assessment test allows the student to complete at his/her own pace. This is an un-timed test.


Recommended Advisory

The college indicates when it “advises/ recommends” not requires a student to complete a certain pre-requisite course ie: Chemistry 51 has a Math 115 advisory. Students are advised to complete Math 115 before or taking Chemistry 51.



The process of determining the level of understanding and information in a given subject ie: English or Math, through a testing process.



The Orientation provides information concerning the programs and services of the college and to assist the student in their understanding of how to move successfully through the educational process.



A co-requisite is a course that a student is required to take in order to enroll in another course during the same semester ex: Biology 3a has a co-requisite of: Biology 3b.



A prerequisite is a class you must have completed before you enroll in another class ie: If you complete the English Assessment test and place into English 21, you must complete this course before you are allowed entry into English 28.


Student Success & Support Program (Matriculation)

A process that assists the student in achieving his/her educational goals.


Student Educational Plan

Referred to by your Counselor as the (S.E.P), is a plan that maps out the courses you should take each semester to complete your educational goal for transfer, AA degree or Vocational Certificate.