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Dean Angeles Abraham
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Basic Needs


We know that it's difficult to focus on your homework when you're worried about meeting your basic needs. To assist in this area, West has established a professional wardrobe and food pantry supported by donations from the community and West employees and students.

In addition to these services, West has a number of support services which assist students with covering educational and living expenses and succeed academically. West students can receive free or low cost health care at the Student Health Center and child care at the Child Development Center.

Students enrolled in a credit or non-credit class at West, who are in good standing with the college, may use the gym's shower facilities Monday – Friday from 11:00am – 2:00pm during the Fall and Spring semesters. Hours may be different during the Winter and Summer sessions and the showers will be closed on campus holidays.  

Our Academic Counseling and other offices can also connect you to housing, legal and social services outside the campus.