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Prerequisite Challenge Petition


The CS division has authorized the instructor of the class to evaluate and approve the pre-requisite clearance. Students will fill the pre-requisite challenge form (link below), sign, scan and email the instructor with any supporting documents (or meet with the instructor in-person). The instructor will then evaluate, approve, sign, scan and email the form to at least one week before the semester starts.


CS 116, CS 118, CS 213, CS 136

Contact professor Ashok Patil via


CS 216 

Contact professor Parvaneh Ghaforyfard via


CS 131 

Contact professor Yuen Yuen via


The Admissions office ( may take up to 5-7 working days to clear the prerequisite, the student will then be notified by the Admissions Office once the student’s account is cleared. If the class is not full and the semester has not started, the student can enroll in the class; if the class is full or the semester has already started, the student needs to contact the instructor for a permission code to enroll the class.


Please note that neither the instructor nor the division chair can clear the prerequisite in the College enrollment system. Contact the Admissions Office via if you have any question about the status of prerequisite clearance.


CLICK HERE to download Prerequisite Challenge Form