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Ready to start, or restart, college? 

We're here to assist you to navigate college systems, to find answers and/or to sharpen academic skills. 

Contact us, if you have any questions.

T: (310) 287-4546



West offers a FREE COLLEGE that's just right for getting started . . . or restarted.

ESL Orientations:

*Saturday 10am - Wednesday 4pm - Friday 9:30am

  • Oct: Sat. 10/14 - Wed. 10/18 - Fri. 10/27
  • Nov: Sat. 11/4 - Wed. 11/15
  • Dec: Sat. 12/9 & Wed. 12/13

*except on school holidays

FREE COLLEGE offers individual courses and certificates of COMPLETION OR COMPETENCY in a variety of CAREER-TECHNICAL and academic areas. Most classes are 8-weeks long or less, and most certificates can be achieved by taking only TWO to three courses. Plus you don’t have to stress about grades, because FREE COLLEGE classes are always graded Pass or No Pass.

FREE COLLEGE classes are NONCREDIT and do not apply toward an Associate Degree or university transfer. Instead, they are designed to help you successfully enter or re-enter the workforce or advance on the job through the acquisition of critical skills, such as becoming comfortable with computer software or learning how to write a business plan. FREE COLLEGE classes can also help you acquire or strengthen skills you need to succeed in college degree programs such as Math, English and science fundamentals.  Below are a few examples of what we offer. 

Depending on the semester, courses Include:

Intro to Post-Secondary Education – BS 75
Academic Guidance – BS 5
Computer Literacy for College – VE 290


Intro to Library Searches and Materials – BS 9
College and Scholastic Assessment Preparation – BS 23
Foundations: Study Skills – BS 27
High School Equivalency Test Preparation – BS 34
English as a Second Language 1 – ESLNC 61
English as a Second Language 2 – ESLNC 62
English as a Second Language 3 – ESLNC 63


Custodial Technician Training – VE 60
Intro to Social Media-WordPress Blogs – VE 294
In-Home Supportive Services Provider – VE 408
Intro to Starting a New Business – VE 420


Intro to Career Pathways in Law Enforcement – VE 33
Exploring Computer Science Information Technology Careers – VE 281
Exploring Healthcare Careers – VE 320
Pre-Nursing Career Pathways – VE 409
Intro to Business Careers – VE 416
Blueprint for Workplace Success – VE 96
Blueprint for Customer Service – VE 97
30 Ways to Shine as a New Employee – VE 98
Robotics I Lab – VE 292
CISCO, VMWare, and Network Security Training Lab    – VE 296
Intro to Medical Terminology – VE 400
Medical Documentation & Charting – VE 401
Student Success in Health Occupations – VE 404
Professionalism in Health Occupations – VE 405
Visual Spatial Perceptions & Psychomotor Skills Training – VE 405