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Parking Information & Passes


Grace Period

A parking pass is NOT required during the first two weeks of the FALL and SPRING semesters. After the grace period, vehicles which are not displaying a semester or one-day parking pass will be cited. A limited number of meter parking spaces are available in Lot 5.

Parking Passes

How to Buy Your Pass

Semester Parking Pass

Parking passes go on sale from 2 to 4 weeks prior to the start of the semester. The charge will appear on your credit card statement as CREDENTIALS ORDER PROCESSING SERVICES. Students may also purchase a parking pass at the Business Office in the Student Services Building (SSB). Lines for the Business Office are often long in the few weeks before and after the start of a semester.

Fall and Spring semester passes are $27 Preferred Parking (includes ASO Fee & Other Perks) or $20 Regular Parking. Winter and Summer passes are $10 Preferred Parking and $7 Regular Parking. NOTE: When purchased Online, there is a handling fee. Fall/Spring Preferred: $3.30; Fall/Spring Regular: $3.15; and Winter/Summer: $2.80. 


One-Day Parking Pass

One-day passes are on sale at parking dispensers in all of the student/guest lots on campus. The pass is $2.00. These machines do not give change nor accept coins. Please have two single dollar bills.


Lost / Stolen Pass & Refunds

To replace a lost or stolen parking pass, the student must purchase a new parking pass at full price online or at the Business Office. To file a report about a stolen parking pass, please contact the Sheriff’s Office located in Parking Lot #5 or call (310) 287-4311.

Refunds are issued for only a limited period just prior to and after the start of a semester. To receive a refund, you must appear in person at the Business Office in the Student Services Building (SSB) with the parking pass.