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Associated Student Organization (ASO)


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ASO Live Chat


We are transitioning online and shifting to remote services. See below for contact information for various ASO related things.
2020-21 Student Government Application Deadline is April 20 
Susi Dovlatian,
ASO Clubs Questions 
Sarah Alghorairi, or Susi Dovlatian,
General Council Meeting Questions
Max Jordan, or Susi Dovlatian,
Inter Club Council Questions
Sarah Alghorairi, or Susi Dovlatian,

Online General Council Meeting | tbd


Contact Us

ASO President: Max Jordan,
ASO Vice President: Sarah Alghorairi,
ASO Secretary: Tanya Carabio,
ASO Treasurer: Franly Rivera,
ASO Chief Justice: Travis Martz,
ASO Adviser/Designee: Susi Dovlatian,

ASO Mission Statement

The Associated Student Organization (ASO) of West Los Angeles College is a purpose driven, student run organization. We are elected and appointed by the student body for the student body. We serve to benefit the student body through our support of academic achievement, public activism, and social service. We strive to build a campus that is focused on the needs and welfare of the students. We stand alongside our fellow students and campus community in order to stimulate the academic, physical, social and moral lives of students in the college.  We provide students the opportunity for leadership and civic participation on campus. We also provide an opportunity for leadership on the regional, state, and national levels to support and advocate for resources that increase academic achievement, student success, and campus community engagement. Bachelor degree students who pay the ASO fee can form clubs and act as officers as would any other ASO member.


We hope that you find our online presence to be an informative and a useful resource. Please visit our Webpage/YouTube/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram to keep up to date on ASO Programs, Services, and ASO Sponsored Events.

ASO Constitution

We the students of West Los Angeles College... promote, initiate and coordinate education and social activities for the students here at West Los Angeles College.


This document contains all duties and responsibilities of each office of the ASO government.