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Pop-up Food Pantry

WLAC Pop-Up Food Pantry

1st and 3rd Fridays of Spring 2021, 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
June: 06/04 & 06/18
@ Jefferson & College Blvd
July: 07/02 & 07/16
August: 08/06 & 08/20
@ Ground Level of South Parking Structure
Enter by Jefferson & College Blvd
Walk up to booth and collect items
Each individual must stand at least 6ft apart at all times Enter by Jefferson & College Blvd
Make U-Turn at stop sign
Park and turn off car in front of booth
Step out of car, collect items and drive off
To show our gratitude for our students, WLAC may provide extra items at upcoming distributions 
including: fresh produce, wardrobe and other pantry essentials. Check the for updated information. Please note that supplies are limited. Students will be asked to show that they’re a student at WLAC by showing, their student ID, Canvas Page, or other showing of being a West Student. All participants will be required to social distance and wear a mask while at the Pop-Up Pantry. 
WLAC Basic Needs, would like to thank our sponsors, for their commitment and generosity towards West Students. Sponsors for the WLAC Pop-Up Pantry include the WLAC Associated Student Organization (ASO), WLAC Foundation, & Melissa’s Produce.

Community Zoom Hours
Mon-Thurs: 3-5pm & Sat: 11am-1pm
FREE Online Tutoring 
Mon-Thurs: 9am - 7pm & Sat: 10am- 3pm
Community Hours Free Online Tutoring

The Learning Center is providing Community Hours Wildcats!:D This open Zoom call will give you the opportunity to come together and study, hang out with each other (via video), meet classmates and form study groups, and seek any tutoring assistance during the Zoom call. Monday through Thursday from 3 pm - 5 pm, and on Saturday from 11 am - 1 pm. 

The link to join this Zoom call is:
Note: Must be logged into Canvas to access tutoring.

Health Center Info Sessions
Mondays | 12:00 - 1:00 pm
Mindful Meditation Sessions
Mondays & Thursdays | 6:00-7:00pm
health sessions Mindfulness
We will resume Health info sessions every week throughout the semester to give you the opportunity to seek the help you need with the services provided by your student health fee. Learn more about virtual medical and mental help provided. Link to join is on our ASO calender.
Every Monday at 12PM-1PM starting February - June Spring 2021
Zoom Meeting ID: 978 2534 2383
Passcode: ASOSHC
To book a personal appointment:
(323) 226-9042
Are you struggling to gather your thoughts? Please join WLAC Mind Matters Mediation this Spring 2021 every Monday & Thursday at 6PM! The Zoom link to join is in our calendar. Or register with the link below to get weekly emails on sessions happening. This is FREE to all LACCD students! 

Please take advantage of this great resource. This is meant to promote a calm state of mind and support your mental health facilitated by the Art of Living mediation instructors!

Register Today for FREE!:

ASO Mission Statement

The Associated Student Organization (ASO) of West Los Angeles College is a purpose driven, student run organization. We are elected and appointed by the student body for the student body. Do you know who is representing you while we are still online during COVID-19? Click here to get to know your ASO Board at WLAC for 2020 - 2021. We serve to benefit the student body through our support of academic achievement, public activism, and social service. We strive to build a campus that is focused on the needs and welfare of the students. We stand alongside our fellow students and campus community in order to stimulate the academic, physical, social and moral lives of students in the college. We provide students the opportunity for leadership and civic participation on campus. We also provide an opportunity for leadership in the regional, state, and national levels to support and advocate for resources that increase academic achievement, student success, and campus community engagement. ASO currently has Senator positions available, click here to download the application and join today.

Make sure to check this page often for updates. Do you like social media better? You can follow us on our official Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube accounts!

Multicultural hands groceries in bag Doctor with young woman
Learning about Racial Equity Basic Needs-Food Pantry Link LACCD – WLAC Health Center Information Link


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ASO Agendas & Minutes

June 7, 2021  06.07.21 - Agenda 06.07.21 - Minutes
May 24, 2021 05.24.21 - Agenda 05.24.21 - Minutes
April 26, 2021 04.26.21 - Agenda 04.26.21 - Minutes
April 12, 2021 04.12.21 - Agenda 04.12.21 - Minutes
March 22, 2021  03.22.21 - Agenda 03.22.21 - Minutes
March 8, 2021 03.08.21 - Agenda 03.08.21 - Minutes
February 22, 2021 02.22.21 - Agenda 02.22.21 - Minutes
February 4, 2021 02.04.21 - Agenda 02.04.21 - Minutes
January 25, 2021 01.25.21 - Agenda 01.25.21 - Minutes
January 14, 2021 01.14.21 - Agenda 01.14.21 - Minutes
December 15, 2020 12.15.20 - Agenda 12.15.20 - Minutes
December 8, 2020 12.08.20 - Agenda 12.08.20 - Minutes
December 3, 2020 12.03.20 - Agenda 12.03.20 - Minutes
November 5, 2020 11.05.20 - Agenda 11.05.20 - Minutes
October 27, 2020 10.27.20 - Agenda 10.27.20 - Minutes
October 20, 2020 10.20.20 - Agenda 10.20.20 - Minutes
October 15, 2020 10.15.20 - Agenda 10.15.20 - Minutes
October 1, 2020 10.01.20 - Agenda 10.01.20 - Minutes
September 22, 2020 09.22.20 - Agenda 09.22.20 - Minutes
September 17, 2020 09.17.20 - Agenda 09.17.20 - Minutes



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