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LACCD Paid Internships

LACCD now offers a paid internship program designed to connect students with internship opportunities available at firms that provide products and/or services to the nine LACCD colleges under the construction program. Most positions are office jobs. Areas include: Architecture and Engineering; Construction Management; Business and Legal services; Human Resources; Drafting and Graphics; Computer Technology... learn more



Online Career & Personal Development Center



Welcome to our Online Career and Personal Development Center.

We have designed this Online Center to help you easily access Information in your comfort zone that will assist you in figuring out your Career Direction. This is a Step by Step process so relax, take you time, check out the links to discover you!


Career Services

Career Services provides the opportunity for extensive exploration and evaluation on interests, skills, and other characteristics related to vocational and pre–professional planning and job success through a resources library which includes books, occupational files and a computer software system featuring Internet access. Appointments for individual career counseling sessions and career assessments are available. Career Services also offers Personal Development 5 Course, an interactive career planning class. Check out our Career Related Links and Online Career Assessments links which contain vast amounts of useful career related information.

  • Individual Career Counseling Appointments
  • Career Assessments
  • Class Presentations
  • Eureka Orientations
  • Specific Major Workshops
  • Career Information Workshops
  • Career Orientations
  • On-Line Career Assessments
  • On-Line Career Information
  • Personal Development 5 - Career Planning Course
  • Internship / Career Fair
  • Guest Speakers


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Step by Step Process

Step 1: Searching for Direction

QUESTION: I just got to the college and I don’t know where to go or what to do?

ANSWER: Consider taking Personal Development 99 that will explain:


QUESTION: I just started thinking about what to do with my life. Where do I start?

ANSWER: Start your Career Exploration through the Career and Personal Development Center by contacting us at: or calling us at (310 287-4462 to schedule your “Discover” Career Planning appointment or Email.  


QUESTION:Are classes offered that will help me find a Career?

ANSWER: Start with a Personal Development Career Planning Course. This class will get you started in the process of figuring out who you are, what your interests are, your talents, your gifts and your strengths.

  • Personal Development 1: Introduction to College
  • Personal Development 4: Career Planning
  • Personal Development 5: College Survival Skills
  • Personal Development 6: College and Career Planning for the Handicapped  
  • Personal Development 8: Career Planning and Development  
  • Personal Development 17: College Survival Skills Development   
  • Personal Development 20: Career Planning
  • Personal Development 40: College Success Seminar
  • Consider the Following Classes: See the link to the Schedule of Classes to see when these classes are offered. Schedule of Classes  


Step 2: Searching for a Major

QUESTION: I am in school and undecided about what I should major in?

ANSWER: Go to the following link to access the information that will help you. Have fun, this site will give you loads of good information. This is your chance to explore different majors and see how they connect with careers.

Go to for more info:


Step 3: Searching for a Job

QUESTION: I am looking for a job, where can I go for job openings and information?

ANSWER: Explore the following sites for job leads: 

- See more at: