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Computer Science & Applications

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CS901/902/CS IT Carrier Path

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Year Up Program and Application

The Computer Science division serves the needs of a variety of students, with different paths.

The division offers instruction to students who intend to obtain an associate's degree, transfer to a 4-year university, gain industry certification, or update their technical skill set to compete or function more effectively in the workplace. The Computer Science and application division has four primary functions. The first is to prepare students majoring in Computer Science for transfer to four-year universities. Second, deliver career Information Technology oriented vocational training. Third, support paralegal and office technology students learning word processing and office automation technology. Forth, offer computer literacy course for students to fulfill a general education requirement. These goals are supported by the division offering of degrees, certification , and certificates. Our programs include degree and certificates in the following tracks: Computer Science, Business Applications & Database Management, Computer Network and Security Management, Web Development & Administration and Legal Secretary.



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