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EOPS Book Grant / Voucher

How to Use the Book Voucher


For Continuing EOPS Students

To receive an EOPS book voucher each semester (Fall and Spring), you must meet the following conditions:
  • Be enrolled in 12 or more units each Fall and Spring (Foster Youth: 9 units / DSPS: full time equivalent as determined by a DSPS counselor). If you are not able to be enrolled full time, please contact an EOPS counselor.
  • Complete ALL EOPS contacts the previous semester (Fall and Spring)
  • Have not yet completed 70 degree applicable units or completed 6 consecutive semesters in the EOPS program, whichever comes last

For New EOPS Students

Your book voucher will be issued after you complete an EOPS orientation and EOPS receives your Mutual Responsibility Contract (MRC) and Abbreviated Student Educational Plan (ASEP). Please allow 3 business days for your online book voucher account to be created.

Book Voucher Issues

If you are not sure if you received an EOPS book voucher or if you did not receive one, please fill out this form and we will get back to you. 

How to Use the Book Voucher Online

NOTE: If you use your book voucher and then drop all your classes before the semester begins, you are responsible for returning all the money to EOPS!
  • Once book vouchers have been issued and are ready to use, students will receive an email with instructions. Follow the instructions to order books online using the book voucher. 
  • To make online purchases, click here: Online Store Book List
  • If you have any questions, email the WLAC Bookstore:
The EOPS book voucher for Spring 2021 is $350, and the cost of shipping can be covered with these funds. If the total order plus shipping exceeds $350, you must pay the remaining cost with a credit card. The book voucher funds can be used to rent textbooks, but you are responsible for the total cost of the book if you do not return it. You are also responsible for paying return shipping. For information on rentals, contact the WLAC bookstore or visit their website.


The deadline to use the Spring 2021 EOPS book voucher is April 23, 2021. Any unused funds will not roll over to the next semester. Make sure to use your book voucher by the deadline, or you will lose it.