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Common Login Mistakes

Mistake #1 - Trying to log into Etudes on the same day you were registered for the course. Typically, you must wait one to two business days to have access once you have been registered.

Mistake #2 - Using your social security number or your student email address as your user ID or password. You can not log in using either of these.

Your Etudes ID is your Student ID number.

Jose Garcia
Student ID#: 880123456
User ID = 880123456

Your password is based on the Month/Day of your birth.

Birthday is April 11th, 1982 (04/11/82)
Password = 0411

*Note. The Month/Day password is only good for the first time you log into Etudes. You will immediately be prompted to change this password to a stronger one.

Helpful Tips

Review the Course Login Information to make sure you are using the correct formula.

And be sure to view our Online Student Success Tutorial for an overview of the Etudes course management system.