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FREE TUITION for the First Year!

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First-time freshmen of any age and income who enroll full-time can have FREE TUITION for the 1st year as part of West's Promise Program.  Additionally, students earn priority registration and a support voucher for transportation, bookstore supplies, or dining in the Wildcat Cafe. 

To Qualify for Promise, you must:

  1. Qualify for California residency or AB540
  2. Be a High School graduate or have a GED or equivalent
  3. Be considered a first-time college student - (If you took college courses in while still in High School, you still qualify for the Promise Program)
  4. Complete either the FAFSA or CA Dream Act 
  5. Complete a short summer transition activity
  6. Attend West as a full-time student (or full-time equivalent)

Students that complete the Fall Semester in full-time equivalent status and with a 2.0 GPA (or preferably higher) will earn FREE TUITION for the following Spring semester.


Important Note: Since 2017, Promise students that complete their first year of college with a minimum of 24 units and at least a 2.0 GPA have received FREE TUITION for their Second Year.


Applications for 2019-2020 have closed.

Promise Applications for 2020-2021 will open on January 02, 2020.

Upcoming College Promise Events - Save the Date

growth.jpg  Cultivating a Growth Mindset - Dec 12th, 10 am to Noon - SSB 414

For over 20 years of research, Dr. Carol Dweck and a long list of colleagues have identified fixed and growth mindsets, which are two contrasting approaches on how individuals think about, and behave in, the world. Having a growth mindset can change how we respond to challenges, obstacles, criticism, and success of others. In this workshop, we would like to discuss and share examples how growth mindset and its strategies can be applied in the classrooms.

Upcoming Financial Aid Application Workshops

  • Oct 9th 10 am, Oct 16th 5 pm, Oct 23rd 11am, Oct 30th 2 pm
  • Nov 6th 10 am, Nov 13th 4 pm, Nov 20th 12 pm, Nov 27th 2 pm
  • Dec 4th 11 am, Dec 11th 2 pm, Dec 18th 11 am

Call us 310-287-7251, visit SSB 420, or email

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